Wedding Blessings


At St Bartholomew's we are happy to bless civil marriages between a man and woman and there is no reason this cannot happen immediately following your civil service or if you prefer even a few days later. However, this will need to be planned, therefore, it is important that that you contact us as soon as possible as part of your wedding preparations.


A Marriage Blessing is an option for those who those for whatever reason have been not been able to or have chosen not to be married in church. A blessing is sometimes chosen when one partner is a Christian and the other is of another faith or none, or it  may be undertaken years after the ceremony if a couple who, having married under Civil Law, have since come to faith and wish to ask God's blessing upon their marriage.


The promises are slightly different to the marriage service as the couple are already married.


For some people this is a short service, without ceremony and for regular known members of the congregation it can be included as part of the Sunday Mass. For others, the Civil Ceremony will be a formality, and they will wish the service of Blessing to bear as many of the hallmarks of a Church wedding as possible.


However simple or extravagant you wish the Blessing of your Marriage to be, please contact the Parish Priest, Father Michael who will then arrange to meet with you to discuss your plans.


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