The Graveyard

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Definitive plan, compiled by the then verger, Mr. Eddie Clayton, and drawn by Mr. Mike Collins, in the 1950's, is on display in the Church.

For detail of each plot, see below. For a bird's eye view of the definitive plan, click here.

To arrange a visit to St Bartholomew's, see emaill on homepage.

Numbers of Graves Identified to date:

Click "Plot" to view.

Plot A North 225  
Plot A South 337  
Plot B 193  
Plot C 208  
Plot D North 289  
Plot D South 283
Plot E North 122
Plot E South 69
Plot F North 235
Plot F South 230
Plot G North 225
Plot G South 175
Plot H North 275
Plot H South 164
Plot J North 28
Plot J East 38
Plot J NW 19
Plot J West & South 54
Plot J SE 44 GR - Green Room, see below **
Plot J South 77  
OC* 52  
Cremations 11  
Totals: 3360  
NB these are approximate figures